Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to achieve peace of mind for our clients by delivering effective, efficient, and economical resolution to disruptions in their personal lives or business endeavors.

Our Principles

At L&K, we believe our work to be our calling. It is not only a means to make a living, but also our way to make a difference in our community. Through our law practice, we strive to promote the common good and protect the dignity of the human person. It is this philosophy of life that guides our law firm and service to our clients. The following are some of the key principles by which we seek to operate in every matter that we handle:

Start with the end. Before engaging in litigation, we partner with our clients to understand all the relevant facts of the underlying dispute and the clients’ goals. We do this so our clients understand the available strategies and costs to achieve their goals. This allows us to design a roadmap to resolution that fits the clients’ needs in an efficient and effective way.

Pursue excellence in everything. No part of our job is unimportant. We believe the small details are the building blocks that influence and impact the bigger details in any case.

It’s about you. We like to win, but this is not about us; we seek to serve you and solve the problems you are facing. This guides our recommendations to you and how we litigate each case.

Prepare. We strive to know the facts and law applicable to each case better than opposing counsel. This level of preparation allows L&K to develop and maintain a successful litigation strategy so that we can deliver the best possible outcome for you.

Professional and ethical. We will relentlessly pursue the truth and seek justice for our clients with civility, integrity and honor both in and out of the courtroom.

Lifelong learners. We are committed to improving our craft so we can continue to serve and deliver the best results for our clients.

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